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"No Longer Shall I Wander"

An Art Show by Jake Phillip Morris

on Thursday Dec 30th at 7 P.M

At The Nile Loft

105 West Main st.

Mesa, AZ

This event is FREE entry and art on display as well as merch such as pins and prints will be for sale

This show is my first in person solo art show, and I am more than excited to debut a large body of my work altogether. Featuring old and new canvas pieces along with digital art as well

This show will also be accompanied by music curated by THE MES AND YOUS featuring their debut album "me and you", releasing the next day

About the Artist

My name is Jake Phillip Morris and I am a 23-year-old artist based out of Arizona


I orignally created this gallery website to create a concise catalog of most of my work. All the drawings and paintings are marked with their name, date, size, and art medium and if the piece is already sold. All of my available work is under the galleries tab

If you would like to buy a piece, please e-mail art@jakephillipmorris (Or press the "Email Inquire" button) and attach the photo or name of the piece you would like.  My email is also open for painting and drawing commissions. All my work is pay as you want so I accept any pricing for my work even nothing depending on the circumstances. Other people being able to enjoy my work is something I always try to put above money. I also enjoy the communication I have with people who obtain my pieces, so please, do not hesitate to email if you have any questions

Prints and pins of my artwork are available under the "Shop" tab. The pins and prints are the only items that are a set price and available through the website. All other art is still made through e-mail inquires. Custom prints can be made of art not already available or in different sizes on the shop through the "E-Mail Inquire" button. Prices vary


I can ship in the U.S and internationally. I can accept paypal and venmo. I would only ask if you could cover the shipping if need be.

Please be aware of the size and medium of each piece, as that dictates how much shipping will be, as well methods of hanging (Described in the Updates Tab)


I can also do local drop offs in the Phoenix Metro Area as well as accept cash in those instances.

My work is made to be shared. My work was made to be a therapeutic release for myself. Commonly in my pieces are faces. These faces always represent faces I've seen before. From people close to me to those who would rather never see me again. We often define ourselves by how we act when others aren't looking.

I am also managing this page all while creating art, working and going to school, so I am still learning and trying to get better at my craft and dedicate as much time to it as I can. So please  understand this if things are shaky or if I don't respond to a message in a timely manner


Thank you for going through my catalog of work and please consider buying my work is the most direct way you can support me.


I deeply hope you enjoy