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The Mes and Yous debut album

"me and you"

Hear it first the day before at Jake Phillip Morris' solo art show at the Nile Loft: Link Here

Hear the band:

(and on most streaming platforms)

Album Artwork by JPM

"On The Way Down" Poems by Wren Romero, Illustrations by Jake Phillip Morris


"On The Way Down is a picture book of poems by Wren Romero, featuring illustrations by the brilliant Jake Phillip Morris.  On The Way Down is a love letter from Phoenix to the world, for anybody that's stuck: at work, at home, or in traffic."



Virtual Art Gallery Link 8/29/2020



New Authenticity Stamp

Any Artwork/Paintings/Prints sold or given out after 1/26/2021 will be embellished with a new stamp of certification. (Shown Right)  This will go on the back of prints and artwork as well as any certificates. Any artwork predating 1/26/2021 is still valid as such.


Letters Of Authenticity 7/23/2020

With all Paintings and Drawings sold (Excluding Pin orders) will be accompanied by a letter of authenticity signed by me to further prove proof of ownership. I am trying to retroactively deliver letters to previous paintings that did not have letters but if you have purchased a painting without a letter, please feel free to request one from me from my same E-Mail Inquire button.

 Pins 3/11/2019

All Pins available in the shop are made by hand by me using a pin press. I print the designs on thin printer paper and then use them accordingly. There may be small blemishes in some pins. If you notice these, I am more than willing to send you a new one at no cost. Please just email art@jakephillipmorris. 

Shipping on the pins are also $1. That goes for any amount of pins you buy. So the more you buy at once, the better the deal.

All art is still pay what you want. The pins are the only product with a set price and that you can buy directly through the website. All art sales are still made through email inquires.

Mediums, shipping and methods of hanging 12/10/2019

As of today, all pieces will be finished with either a varnish for the paintings, or a fixative for paper or card-stock pieces. This is to help preserve the pieces and add to my standard of work

If you bought a piece before this change , I am very happy to apply a varnish or fixative coat free of charge as long as you're willing to send the piece back. You can inquire using the same e-mail button in the top right corner

As well, since I am moving towards using stretched canvas and wood-board as mediums, here is a guide to how pieces are affixed with hanging mechanisms:

-"Canvas" are flat canvas pieces and do not have an inherit hanging mechanisms (Shipping $3-$9)

-"Stretched Canvas" pieces have either saw tooth hangers or a wire support, this depends on the size (Shipping $10-30)

-"Wood-board" pieces have multiple sawtooth hangers as they are heavier (Shipping $20-$40)

All Paintings are given with a plastic covering

Again shipping all depends on size, the price ranges are not entirely accurate

-"Cardstock" is heaver paper and comes in a plastic sheet with no hanging mechanisms (Shipping $1-$4)

I am constantly trying to improve my standard of how I present my art along with improving my art altogether, if I could put all my art in golden frames, I would. Again, I appreciate all the support and consideration you have given me for reading this far into my work.

About My Pricing Policy 11/30/2019

My art is pay what you want. Any piece that is for sale is potentially any price you want to pay. Even nothing. I cannot offer any sort of offer or any information of what people paid before. I will at least say the canvas pieces are worth more than the paper/card stock pieces

I understand it is a weird thing to call your own pricing on my art and can potentially put a lot of pressure on a person who is considering buying. Please be assured when I say anything and everything is appreciated. Like I've already said, my art is meant to be shared and profiting from it is only a secondary goal. I also believe paying what you want adds to the novelty of owning one of my pieces and can make it more personal for the person who owns it. Either way, I have appreciated everything I have gained from creating art and I don't want money to inhibit anybody from having a piece. For the foreseeable future, i will always stick by this policy. Thank you